Personal Medical Alert Card

If you are a diagnosed Behçet's disease sufferer it is important that first responders, (in the case of an accident/ incident or any other emergency), and  health  care medical professionals are aware of your condition when they treat you.

It is also important that medical professionals have access to basic information about your condition. Due to it's rare occurrence in the UK, Behçet's disease is a little understood condition, and most health care professionals have very little knowledge - if any - about it.

It is also important that anyone who treats you medically is aware of all other conditions you may suffer from, along with what medication you have been prescribed and the treatment you are receiving.

The card is the approximate size of a standard credit/ debit card. It is not laminated & you can enter your details on it (preferably with a fine permanent ink pen). You can then laminate it if you wish, and carry it in your wallet or purse.

The author of this web-site - himself a long term chronic Behçet's disease sufferer  - has arranged for these cards to be printed for the benefit of fellow sufferers.

You can have your own personal card sent to you for just the actual cost price of production package and postage (£1.95 - UK only). Cards have a  writable area that allows you to enter your own details - to be filled in on who should be contacted in the event of an accident or incident, along with basic medical information and access to more information via this web-site.

It gives first responders key information on critical health issues; such as medication used, allergies or pre-existing conditions. It is easily identifiable and instantly to hand. Unlike carrying your details in a mobile phone, which may be locked or difficult to operate.

Information saves time, and can save lives. If you are taken ill or injured, carrying your Medical Alert Card could make all the difference.

To request your card, please fill in this simple contact form. When you click on the 'Send' button you will be taken to an acknowledgement page which will give you the opportunity to donate towards the cost via the secure Pay Pal service.

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